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Visit West Midlands Safari Park

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Are you wild at heart?

Then discover the West Midlands Safari Park.

This beautiful wildlife park can truly open you up to a new world of adventures, perfect for both families and adventurous couples.

Immerse yourself with the drive thru safari park, be thrilled by the roller-coaster ride and feature attractions.

Situated only 40 minutes away by car, The Westmead Hotel offers the ideal place to rest both before and after a visit to the West Midlands Safari Park.

The wild at heart special offer allows you to save on both the Safari Park tickets and your overnight stay.

The drive thru safari allows you to travel across continents, from the African Plains to Wild Asia.

Experience elephant valley and be captivated by carnivores. Buffalo, zebras, rhinos, tigers and lions are some of the multitude of wildlife that you can experience when traveling through the safari.

However, you don’t need a car to enjoy the park, walk through the land of the lost.

This is where dinosaurs come to life and everyone can learn about the different prehistoric periods, from the Permian era to the Jurassic, live through the ages with the friendly, big and loud dinosaurs first hand.

Standard admission prices are as followed, but don’t forget The Wild at Heart special offer.

West Midlands Safari Park Pricing

Adult (16-64yrs) £14.99
Child (3-15yrs) £11.24
Child (Under 3) £0.00
Senior (65+yrs) £13.49
Student (Student ID Required) £13.49
Disabled (Includes Free Carer) £13.49