Walks Around Edgbaston Reservoir
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The Best Walks in Birmingham

Whether you’re looking for a morning breath of fresh air, a post-lunch leg stretch or a full-day wander to explore the area, our suburban location benefits us with a range of local walks for you to enjoy during your stay with us in Birmingham.

Lickey Hills

Lickey Hills Country Park

Just a short drive from the city’s hustle and bustle, the Lickey Hills await with their serene woodlands and sprawling heaths. Tailor your visit with a choice of trails and enjoy the sweeping views from Beacon Hill – a highlight for any nature lover or keen photographer.

Birmingham Canal Walk

Worcester and Birmingham Canal Walk

Embrace the tranquil side of Birmingham with a leisurely stroll along the historic canal, starting just a stone’s throw from Hopwood. This well-preserved pathway, lined with narrowboats and heritage locks, is the perfect setting for a reflective walk or a morning jog.

Clent Hills

Clent Hills

A brief journey from the Westmead Hotel, the Clent Hills rise, offering a web of footpaths through lush countryside. Suitable for any age and experience level, these hills boast landmarks like the Four Stones and vistas that stretch to the Malvern Hills, ensuring a fulfilling day out.

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park

Moments away lies Cannon Hill Park, a hub of outdoor activity with its expansive green spaces. Ideal for family escapades, here you can indulge in a round of mini-golf, navigate pedal boats, or simply admire the park’s twin lakes and manicured gardens.