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Top Five Places To Visit In Birmingham

If you are at a loose end as to what to visit in Birmingham, don’t worry because we have a few suggestions.

Get the most out of Birmingham city, whether you are new to the city or a resident.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Birmingham

In this top five list we cover both some popular and unfamiliar must visit places in Birmingham.

No. 5: The Tunnels Of Birmingham New Street

“Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces” offer a competition that allows a select few to tour the new street tunnels in Birmingham.

All you have to do is give them some contact details and they hopefully will select you.

This is an amazing opportunity to see the hidden history of Birmingham.

Tours are taken in both the afternoon and evening and all participants are randomly selected, so maybe choose something else from this list to do if you want to do something in a group.

No. 4: Birmingham Back to Backs

This is a National Trust project that has carefully restored houses and a courtyard showing 19th century living conditions for working people.

Take a tour around the last surviving court of back to backs (houses built literally back-to-back around a communal courtyard).

No. 3: Birmingham Bullring

The Bullring is a huge shopping centre that offers a vast variety of shops, restaurants and facilities.

The Bullring contains over 160 shops, including Zara, Debenhams, Footlocker and Selfridges.

You can also taste the entire world within the restaurants available.

The Bullring is easy to find with its unique and stand out architecture, in addition to being at the heart of the city.

Easily accessible by train, bus and car, the Bullring is easy to reach and has a lot to enjoy.

No. 2: Broadway Casino

If you’re looking for a night of glitz and glamour, look no further!

The Broadway Casino is a great night out for a group of friends looking to have some risky fun!

The Broadway Casino offers high quality food and professional gambling services.

The casino also hosts competitions in a range of casino games, allowing you to take your trip to a professional level.

No. 1: Symphony Hall

Listed No 1 on “TripAdvisor’s recommendations for places to visit in Birmingham” is the Symphony Hall and we have to agree!

With it’s phenomenal architecture, world class acoustics and stunning auditorium it is considered to be the finest concert hall in the UK and one of the best in the world.

When visiting Birmingham, it really is a must see, it’s simply awe-inspiring.

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