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5 Reasons Why A Winter Wedding Works

While summer is typically the favorite season for weddings, more and more couples are planning their wedding in winter. “A winter wedding!” you exclaim. But it is cold and miserable and nobody wants to travel in winter. Our 5 reasons why a winter wedding works will definitely change your mind!

Why choose a winter wedding?

1 Wedding Venue Availability

Wedding venues are chocablock full in the summer and if you haven’t gotten in quick you may be out of luck. Instead of waiting a whole year, choose a winter wedding! With less competition you can choose the perfect date for your winter wedding.

2 Great Winter Wedding Deals

Wedding venues naturally have extra capacity in the winter and often run some amazing winter wedding specials. Every penny you save on the wedding can be put towards your honeymoon!

3 Unique Color Palette and Photos

Winter presents some amazing photo opportunities and outfit options. Bright colors will really pop against the grey winter skies and white snowy backgrounds so be adventurous with your outfits and flowers. Choose bright colors like stunning reds and pinks to create amazing images.

4 All your favourite guests can attend

Instead of your favourite guests replying “Sorry I’ll be on holiday those dates” they are sure to RSVP “Yes!” With many saving for Christmas or recovering from Christmas shopping, this means that you don’t have to worry about interfering with people’s summer holidays. This bonus means you can have everyone you want there to enjoy and be part of your special day.

5 Winter Wedding –  Summer Honeymoon!

With a winter wedding you will have your pick of southern hemisphere honeymoon spots. All with beautiful summer weather included.

Many venues are now offering exclusive wedding packages for winter periods. In these packages they tailor the wedding to the season with chic colour palettes and more benefits. For more information about winter weddings and packages designed to suite you visit the Westmead Hotel winter weddings page.